Healthy Recipes by bikini model

A while ago I was owned and running a public nutrition company Fit&Treat. The main business idea was to make and deliver to customers completely healthy fitness meals customized for their needs (muscle gain, weight loss, detox). Fit&Treat’s team always used the best organic ingredients for cooking. All recipes were created and aggregated by the best chefs and adjusted by the team of qualified nutritionist, dietitians and personal trainers to support our customers along their fitness journeys. About 20% of our clients were professional athletes and fitness models and another 80% – health conscious individuals…


Unfortunately, we had to shut the production block down in 12 month due to financial problems. It was a very tough decision for me as Fit&Treat was my “dear baby” and a part of my life purpose to help people to live a better life being healthier and happier. We were fighting for survival for a year struggling to reach a breakeven but high rent and permanently growing fixed cost were eating companies profit. Finally Fit&Treat was not able to keep going as a public nutrition company any more…

Since Fit&Treat production kitchen was closed in November 2016, I’ve received hundreds of emails from our customers and social media followers asking me to share the recipes we used to cook their favourite healthy meals. It seems selfish to keep them a secret. So from now on I plan to publish Fit&Treat’s recipes here, one at a time. The meals we created were a result of tremendous nutrition and gastronomy experts’ input and advice from the many years I spent as a bikini-fitness competitor, part-time lingerie and fitness model and a busy active woman working full-time in city as a marketing and PR professional. 

Healthy recipes are here

The main idea of Fit&Treat as a public nutrition company was to help busy in various sectors people (from finance to sport) to keep fit and maintain healthy eating no matter where they are.

The main idea of Fit&Treat as a cooking on-line resource is to accumulate and share easy to cook, healthy recipes that would help active busy people to make their meals as home quickly enjoying every step of cooking.

I’m very glad to share my knowledge and expertise here. Please feel free to contact me and leave you comments and questions. I will be happy to answer providing any other recommendations to help you all the way during your fitness journey.

Sincerely yours 


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