The Body is another element that influences the formation of our personality. Some scientists refer to the body as “the first signal system”, which means that if something isn’t right with our lives, or our body, it attempts to alert us through symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue, immune system suppression, minor and major pains, sleep deprivation, and so on.


We exist inside our physical shell, which is why everything (information, knowledge, other people’s energy, and all our physical interactions with the world) goes through the body first. Bodily reactions are instantaneous and simple, but are frequently underestimated or ignored. Being a highly social species, we learn to tune out our body signals and always put other things first which we regard as being more important. We are used to sacrificing our sleep, nutritional requirements and other natural needs in favour of socially imposed commitments. Ignoring our body’s signals has, unfortunately, became normal in modern society.  However, the body never lies, as it was designed to deliver us with vital information about our condition from the moment we were born.


At OpenMindPortal, we believe that a deeper understanding of the human body is key to wellness. Our objective is to bring you scientific theories and expert opinion on:

  • Human anatomy and physiology;
  • Psychosomatic signals;
  • Human nutrition
  • Fitness tips drawn from traditional, authentic sacred practices such as Tai Chi, Yoga, Tantra gymnastics, and various martial arts, to contemporary techniques such as bodybuilding, cross-fit, and TRX.

By sharing knowledge about the body we hope to shatter commonly held misconceptions and to improve our collective health and well-being. Together we can get better.

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