OpenMindPortal is a multimedia online information hub about leading a fulfilled life.


We create and aggregate various content to cover four main areas of personality formation: Intelligence, Emotions, Body, Life Experience.

Our main mission is to accumulate and spread useful knowledge to help people to live more conscious and therefore happier life.

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Our main value is to consciously enjoy life, feel happy and inspired every day, and share it with others.

  • Intelligence

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Our knowledge determines the way we perceive reality. We love reading. We are extremely curios and constantly collect, analyse and compile pieces of scientific research from variety of areas. We never stop learning how to improve our mental abilities, become more efficient, more accomplished, successful and satisfied in private life and business. We love to keep acquiring knowledge, consult with gurus and best coaches, implicate our findings and new skills in the day-to-day life and we are glad to share with like-minded people.

  • Emotions

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Our perception of the World is influenced by an emotional state at the particular moment. We appreciate psychology, parapsychology and useful spiritual practices. And, yes, we do meditate!

  • Body

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We deeply research the field of human body, collect the most scientifically proved strategies, involve best experts and share knowledge to help health-conscious people to abstain useful information to live a better life. We deeply focus on human nutrition, supplementation, and various fitness directions such as bodybuilding, cross-fit, TRX, yoga, out-door activities, etc.

  • Experience

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Life is a constant motion and fulfilment with diverse experience such as travel the World, attempting interesting events, meeting fabulous people, meditating, getting sensitive pleasures and many more.


We appreciate it all.

And we are happy to share.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello there

    I am really interested in what you are doing – i think it’s a great…

    I have a fitness business and am increasingly using a mindfulness practitioner with clients to get better results… I really want to expand on this collaborative approach … Maybe there is something we could discuss to create some greater awareness??

    Liked by 1 person

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